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James and 1st Call assisted for some years and I am now a British Citizen. I cannot thank you enough. 1st Call Immigration are truly the best and my caseworker James clearly cares about every single case and person. I highly recommend to anyone with immigration issues.

Patrick E

FIVE STAR SERVICE! A massive thank you to James Ramowski and his wife at 1st Call for helping us through the tough time we had fighting against the Home Office. We were refused and refused again, we lost all hope and almost gave up... But then we met you. We doubted you at first, didn't think there was a chance for us anymore, we didn't think there was anything else anyone could do, we thought we had done everything possible, but we were completely wrong! In the end, everything worked out! You and your wife have been absolutely amazing to myself and my family, you went above and beyond for us, your rates were very reasonable, you spoke to us and treated us like normal people, like friends, not like any other lawyer and thanks to you, we can now be free! We truly cannot thank you enough! If anyone, I mean anyone is in the same position as us and needs help fighting a case with the Home Office, we would highly recommend James Ramowski at 1st Call. He's more of a friend to us than a lawyer. If he can't help you, no one can!

Chantelle Kelly

So here we are 25 months after I entered the UK. We've been fighting with the home office for the past 19 months and made 4 separate applications. The first was denied due to a clerical error. The second was denied due to false accusations made by the home office. The third was denied due to missing documents. We were feeling quite hopeless. Everyone on the immigration and expat forums said that I would never get it and that I should go back to the US and apply for a spouse visa. That was not a realistic option for us. We even tried to get our local MP to help. At this time, my wife was at risk of losing her 3 children to social services due to her social anxiety if I was removed from the UK. For our fourth and final application we went a different route... We were very distrustful of solicitors and lawyers due to the public telling us that they are only interested in money. A huge thank you to James Ramowski at 1st Call Immigration who has been instrumental over the last year in helping to make this happen. James was more interested in helping us rather than money. His rates were very reasonable and he went above and beyond in order to help us with our case. I think his wife was also very patient as he sometimes dealt with our case outside of business hours at home. We were referred to him by a very happy former client of James' and we couldn't be more satisfied with the way things turned out. Seriously, don't listen to those jokers on the immigration boards. If you have any doubts, 1st Call could be the last call you need to make. If he can't help you, no one can. I've got my Visa... enough said.

John Kelly

James helped me with my application for my son in Africa to join me in the UK. He explained to me clearly all the processes and advised me to prepare supporting documents before the application. There was great communication throughout,even out of hours, I was able to reach him and he will reply instantly. He's reliable, gave me the confidence and I would recommend him to my friends. My son has now been given indefinite leave. Thank you James for all your help.

Pilirani Shawa

Big thanks to James,i must say this,he did put a smile on my face this year,i have never been so much happy as this,I have never tried any immigration lawyer,he's my first attempt,and i got the good news from him,now i can live and work here in the United Kingdom,without stress.Thanks again James,You are the best :) ........

Olayiwola Pratt

I would like to take this opportunity to express my true gratitude to James Ramowski and his wonderful team at 1st Call immigration for all your efforts and support on my immigration matter. Its been the hardest longest journey of my life living in the UK as an overstayer , I have made one application to the home office long time ago and it was refused, Since then I gave up and never tried again. One of my friend told me to contact 1st Call Immigration. I remember at the beginning of June 2016 I walked into your office James, crying, I didn't even make an appointment because I was so desperate and my case needed to be done at the last minute under great pressure while the immigration was threatening to send me and my children back home in Africa. James, you didn't sent me home coz I didn't have an appointment , you listened to me and decided to help me straightaway. You re assured me that everything will be fine, I believed in you and yo brought my confidence back onto my life since. At the beginning of August 2016 I couldn't believe my eyes when you informed me that the Home office has granted a leave to remain, my home office application took almost 2 months, that was and still a shock to me, You were fantastic all the way through and I do want to say special thanks to James Ramowski and his team at 1st Call Immigration office. I could always reach you by telephone or email with very quick responses. I couldn't ask for more and I can't thank you enough for your help. I pray to the Almighty God to bless you and keep you all in good health, you carry on doing a great job in all the cases you dealt with in your office. I would recommend anyone with any immigration matters or any other matters need a help, please do not hesitate please pick up the phone and ring 1st Call Immigration, these team will make your dreams comes true, they just made mine. Thank you James Ramowski, the love of God will follow you wherever you are / go. God bless you.

Albertina Ndapandula

I'm happy with the service I received from James, I think I had quite a complicated case as my Fiancee is a filipino national, though she was not applying form there, as an overseas worker in Saudi Arabia! From the start James offered helpful advice, and also was a person with greater knowledge than me to offer words of wisdom through some stressful times! We managed to get the result we were hoping for and my fiancee arrived here on September 3rd, and we now have our wedding planned on November 12th! :)

John Cuthill

I want to start off by saying if you're in any kind of immigration situation and need any kind of assistance 1st Call UK is absolutely where you need to go. Once you speak with James or any of his team members you will immediately feel at ease. All those feelings of doubt and fear diminish completely. I was at a complete loss on where to start with my situation. I contacted a few different solicitor's and was basically told it would cost an absolute fortune and my chances were slim to none. I was told I'd be fighting my way through court for at least a few years for even a slim chance of success. You can imagine how defeated I felt at this point. I wanted to give up at this point but I proceeded with looking around online on forums and came across one of James' previous clients. I admit I contacted her first with my initial questions seeing as her previous situation was very similiar to what mine was. I didn't want to contact 1st Call UK immediately because I still felt like my situation was slim to none as that's all every other solicitor kept telling me. While speaking with James' previous client she was incredibly helpful and assured me that he was the person to go to, and that he wouldn't tell me he could help unless he actually could. He doesn't give false hope. What really drove it home was when she said that he actually cares about his clients. He's not in it for the money but for the people. I can not thank her enough for the best recommendation I've ever received. I contacted 1st Call UK and spoke with James. I immediately felt at ease and for the first time; I finally felt like I stood a chance in success. Something I haven't felt before. We arranged an appointment in his office. Upon entering his office you immediatelty feel welcome. We were greeted warmly by Patrick, and he made us a lovely cup of tea. There are gifts and cards from his previous / current clients displayed in his office. Do you know of any other solicitor's office that has this? I don't. I knew exactly why 1st Call UK's office had them displayed; James truly does care about his clients and his client's care about him. He was able to tell my mother in-law and I where each and every gift came from. I felt the passion, I felt the care, I felt the importance in James' work then and there. 1st Call UK was the team to help me; I knew this without a doubt. It still brings a warm feeling to my heart thinking back to that moment. James' extensive knowledge in immigration laws is truly phenomenal. He really knows the ins and outs. He could pin point each factor where the previous solicitors I contacted were incorrect and in which parts of the law. We proceeded with my application. James and his team have been very prompt in responding to any emails and returning any calls. He has been there to help and support me since day one of contacting him. 1st Call UK has been there for me every single step of the way. They truly are in it for their clients and they truly do care and want to help you. My application has been a success; the nightmare is finally over. I would not be in the position I am today if it wasn't for James and the entire 1st Call UK team. I could never express enough gratitude on everything that they've done for me. You will always receive the highest recommendation of this team from me. Do not hesitate to contact them, it won't be a decision you will ever regret. PS. Thank you so much for the personal call of the news, it meant a lot to me. Tell Patrick I know he wanted to make the glory call but he's all part of the glory as well. You all are one amazing team and I will never be able to thank you enough! All our love, from my family to yours.

Jessika Ellis

Thank you call yourself 1st Call Immigration...but you ought to be called '1st Class Immigration', Big thanks go to all at 1st Call for an excellent job in a difficult case! Everything has worked out to plan and on time and first try too!! I have heard cases like ours can go on for months before they are resolved, but as I said First class work guys!! I am really happy to be reunited with my beautiful Ghanian wife! 1st Call managed to get this all sorted before our target for a valentines reunion, all went well with just a minor hitch...which again James and his team handled smoothly and without fuss and was sorted well ahead of time, so we still managed to complete on the 3rd of February, and was able to get my wife to the UK by the 10th February, well in time for Valentine's Day! Very slick guys! We are both happy to be reunited, and are both very happy with the outstanding results we have had fro James and his Team at 1st Call! WELL DONE!!


James and his team are amazing. They went above and beyond to help me and without them I don't know how things would've turned out. I will always be grateful to them. Super professional, very empathetic, and incredibly efficient considering how busy they are. Immigration stuff is so stressful, but they do a great job of putting your mind at ease.

Ebony R Williams

A very big thank you to James and the Team at 1st call immigration, for your great work you have done for me. You guys you do your job from your heart not ur lungs. I find 1st call team to be very dedicated to their work and every question I had has been answered as it is. James will tell you the truth not what he think you want to hear. Great job 1st call team wish you all the best.

Angie Mushandi

James and all the staff are working with him doing really brilliant job, they had support us as family and did there best to help us. Thank yoy James thank you very much

Fayrooz shanan

In times of distress one needs reassurance, understanding and compassion, you will fine all this and more with James and team. Definitely the 1st you need to make for immigration issues. Thanks for your care

Andrene Lewis-Longwe

1st Class Immigration Services! Yes, that's not a spelling mistake! From my initial meeting with James in December, through the application process, to receiving my Permanent Residency last Friday, the service he's provided have been friendly, informative and professional. I'm so happy James was my 1st call! Now onto citizenship application, and I will be looking forward enlisting James's assistance for this as well!

Elisabeth Amnegard

I was recommended by a very dear friend and I am really grateful to my friend for recommending 1stCallUk to me. I am extremely happy with the support and prompt service James has provided at all times. I was always kept informed with the progress. Very helpful staff and excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. I will surely recommend 1stCallUK as the best and will continue to seek help if required in the coming future. Thank you James for everything

Vikram J Shetty

Just to say a big thank you to James & team after three refused, I finally found the right place 100 % recommend


1st call immigration are trustworthy,will deal with immigration matters accordingly,in confidence and honest. The best immigration law solicitors. Highly recommendable. A big thank you to James Ramo and his team at 1st call immigration.


I phoned James company, to be honest they were closest. I asked him could he guarantee my wife would get a visa. He said no he would never guarantee that his conscience would not allow it.That was what i wanted to hear, not all that BS on the internet that says "we guarantee you a visa. I can not possibly recommend James enough because now my Russian wife and me can spend our lives together. James goes way over 100% in his efforts to put you at ease and the way he handles each case, and I can not even think of the words that I want to say that express my gratitude to him. The man walks on water. Lastly to any one who is reading this and thinks that this visa process is easy my advise is do not do it your self just to save a bit of money. I am British have money in the bank and a job and I made the mistake of trying it myself and it was a big mistake that cost me months of grief. You would not try and operate on your self!. Some times you really need an expert. James is not paying the people who are writing these reviews they are all indented to him as I am. Peter and Nattalie

peter elvin

It feels like a miracle. There wasn't much chance for me to stay in the UK but after coming to James and his team at 1stCallUK we had bit more hope (more mum than me) We are originally from Ukraine and not being in the EU it was very challenging. Would like to say a massive thank you to James as we now have received permanent residency and I honestly believe if we went to someone else for help we would of been out of the country by now. Great, honest and fair treatment. Highly recommend their services.

Tayisa Chobotar

Nothing I write can praise James and his team strongly enough. Having wasted ££££'s using solicitors for what should have been a simple application, I came across a review of 1st call on Facebook and thought it was worth a go. I was hesitant at first as he was listed as an advisor, but in hindsight he was far more knowledgeable than any solicitor or lawyer I spoke to. James talked us through the options, didn't hide anything or give false promises and advised on all the drawbacks. He spent considerable time on the phone before asking for a penny. In the end and only due to his advice and hardwork we received the successful result others had spent three years failing to achieve. The Burns family will forever be in his debt. Thank you James and thank you 1st Call Immigration. If you have immigration issues phone James. It will be the best decision you make.


James and his staff at 1st call are absolutely brilliant! James ensured that he always kept us in the loop, and keeping us informed! Not only did he support us with our visa application, he supported us with all the problems on the side that we've had, going beyond and above! And after the first application was refused he didn't give up! Always wanting the best for his customers! Very friendly, supportive and professional! Couldn't Thank James enough! Would definetly recommend, and will be using 1st call in the future!

Tetyana Tymofiychuk

I do no want to write a review because it will sound so full of emotion and gushing with compliments that it may not seem believable.So all I will say is that James and crew are 100 % "simply the best" and i would not hesitate in recommending his services. They go beyond and are honest and really care.Thank you guys Peter and nattalie

peter elvin

While I am yet to start my immigration process, from the initial contact they were extremely informative and helpful in providing the information that was needed. When I do begin my immigration process I look forward to working with the firm.


Definately five star for james and his team they were and still are helpful to me i recommend you all to james .thanks for all the help james


I will keep it short , James and his staff know exactly what they are doing , and they will always give all the information/advice needed , 5 stars serves at a very affordable fees , I can’t thank them enough , great work and thank you everyone


I wanted to express my appreciation to James and his staff who did an excellent job with our immigration application. He told us what our chances were from the start and was never misleading in the advice he provided. He spoke confidently about what he could do and he did it, I must say he is very good at his job and for that, we are truly grateful. I am now pleased to say that we got the result we wanted for our family without any unnecessary cost. My husband can now stay and work in the UK without any stress. Thanks again to James and his team who provided an efficient and friendly service.


I was so lucky that I chose James to advocate my case, James offers very high standards service and with affordable cost. I am so happy that my case succeeded and given with my family 5years leave to remain in the UK. It has changed my family to the best and it is such a relief. James has been very supportive and dedicated to the case. He looked to every single detail of the case so that it will be successful. Thank you very much James for the help, you are a star!


I am happy and confident to recommend anybody with immigration matters to 1st calls solicitors as they are very capable and experienced in immigration matters.i had my leave to remain visa refused from previous application to the home office.i went to 1st call solicitors and the head solicitor JAMES CONRAD RAMOWSKI assured me that  he is happy to take up my case despite the complexity of my case...he gathered and put together necessary document and put in my application in at the home office.surprisingly and true to his word just barely two months into my application i got the all important call that my application has been granted. I am very confident in the ability and competence in immigration matter and i am happy to recommend anyone to their service.

Eche chicoco Barrett

5 stars for James and his team, very honest and trustworthy. Thank you guys for a Job well done!


We came to James after my partner had her first visa application refused and were unsure if there was anything we could do about it. Thankfully James was able to recommend another route for us to go down and helped us through the process of applying for a different visa which ended up being granted. We could have saved a lot of money, hassle and stress if we had just come to him in the first place! James worked through our case quickly and efficiently for a very reasonable fee, so we would thoroughly recommend!


Perfect solution for immigration issues,best advice best follow up. Thank you.

Akanni Bello

Have had the pleasure of using 1st Call Immigration three times for my spouse visa and indefinite leave to remain matters. James is very knowledgable and knows his stuff. It is so much easier to use a lawyer to lodge applications rather than do it yourself.

N. Bell

Could not be more grateful to James and his team. Always forthright, they delivered exactly what he said they could. Would not use anyone other than James and his team.


After six years of battling for visa with several refusals, working with nightmare solicitors who only cared about money. My visa has been approved in just few months of contacting James. The only solicitor that took time to look into my immigration history and advice me on what can be done , requirements and documents i need to provide and made sure that I met the requirements and willing to carry on with the application before even mentioning his fee. James, you are so competent, you deserve more than 5 stars . Thank you so much, am grateful. I will continue to use your services for visa and Immigration needs.


Honestly I’m dumbfounded !! I will make it short, my greatest thanks goes to James and his staff . Sincerely speaking James and his team knows exactly what they are doing. However you want it they know exactly how to handle your case . I’m very much satisfied based on the service given to me and my partner by James and his team after so many years of suffering with immigration issues , I pray may the almighty God continue to guide and bless 1st call immigration IN JESUS NAME Amen. So my people if you have been undergoing any series of immigration issues go to 1st call immigration THEY ARE THE ONE . James keep up the good work im very grateful . Thank you once again. Albert .

Albert o Nnokwutem

I have used 1st CallUK several times now. I have always been satisfied with their service. These guys know what they are doing and how best to help with immigration matters. Thumbs up James!


Having struggled to renew my visa we were so lucky to find James and his team. From the first moment everything was so calm and James was superb at putting our whole family at ease throughout the process. My visa renewal was not a simple one and James did a fantastic job. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Bianca Moore

My husband and I approached James in Dec 2012 for legal advise and he guided us through journey of success, offering us professional and affordable services which yielded speedy results with no delays. We recommend the services of 1st Call to anyone desiring a speedy and successful outcome on immigration issues


James, Joel and Rosie made things so much more pain and hassle free for my husband's residence card appeal which we WON with all of their help and expertise. James is a great guy who went above and beyond to help us through a stressful journey. from start to finish the whole team were there to answer all questions and queries. we would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone for immigration support and advice 5***** service

Jenna & murat inan

My Husband was introduced to james by a friend after his first application for a visa was refused. I contacted James and he advised us of the right type of visa to apply for and we have now been successful and my husband has been granted a visa. We are truly grateful to James and i would recommend his services, he did an excellent job in helping us achieve our goal.


I would like to say a massive thanks to James and the team at 1st CallUK. Our application was submitted , granted and closed within 8 weeks from start to finish. James is down to earth ,knowledgeable, experienced and a very caring young man that takes the time to explain and make you feel at ease with the process. James your a star ⭐️ keep up the good work. Bless from Mr K & I, you have made me one happy woman x


I would like to thank James and the team at 1st call uk.My journey has been quick and easy.James is experienced, knowledgeable, down to earth and a very caring guy.Keep up the good work


I would like to take this opportunity to thank James and his staff. I am really thankful and delighted. After going through several refusals and rejections from the home office. It’s took James few months to settle my permanent residency card. 1st call solicitors is the right place. They are very professional and highly standard. I recommend everyone to give them a call ASAP if you going through issues with the Home office.

Mustapha Jallow

Joel went above and beyond to help us secure our spousal visa recently. We could not have done the process without him and his efforts!

Rohan Pixley

Thank you so much from Tim & My self for the wonderful news .We got the indefinite leave to remain.James was absolutley fantasic Helpful & a real pro ,Friendly .Made us feel at home .We are very Grateful indeed. Tim & Ronit

Tim & Ronit Lane

It was our very first application to stay together as a family in the UK and Joel and 1st Call made it a success. From the very beginning, we could tell we were in capable hands. Joel is just amazing. At some point, he even sacrificed to meet us on a Sunday. Where else do you get that? We had consulted with other immigration services but none of them felt right. After the initial consultation with Joel, though, we knew 1st Call was our last call. Unlike previous places, everything felt right from that consultation. And as it has now turned out, our confidence was definitely not misplaced. Thank you Joel, thank you 1st Call.

Samuel Acquah

I can not describe my feeling about the Job and Intelligent describing our problem, which he is the resons that change our lifthae and safe our family life, Thank you so much Mr James for evrything I will still appreciate me and my family all my life. he act like he was living with us step by step in our problem, and finaly from first tribunal we won. Thank you again from me and all my family member.

Mohammed Abdulsalam Khudhair

We can't thank James enough for all his hard work in obtaining a spousal visa. James is a wonderful down to earth man who straight away gives you the confidence that he knows his job inside out. Gave us a detailed list of what was needed for the application, double checked that all the relevant documents were in order, filled in and filed the application. Always contactable either by phone or email. You feel treated as individuals, which is so important when making the application. we can highly recommend 1st Call , a small company with a big heart. Our visa has been granted, we would not have been able to achieve our goal of obtaining a spousal visa without them.

Jennifer Dyer

James and his team set about assisting my sister Norma with her appeal to remain in the UK with great professionalism. We had spent lots of money engaging other solicitors, all without success. James's tenacity and commitment to assisting us and engaging the most suitable Barrister to present our case, resulted in Norma securing her stay in the country. after 12 years this is the most welcome outcome. We are very grateful to James and all at 1stCallUK

Junior Hemans

Thank you so much James!! You are a Star and you deserve all the stars in the world. Your professionalism and expert advice secured my Residence Permit within 8weeks. Thank you! I would highly recommend James and his team at 1stCallUK for their excellent service. Am super grateful James!

Victoria Akinmolayan

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks james and his staff. I am really grateful for the excellent service i had during my visa application. My case i didint think it was going to be successful. They are very professional and to the highest standard. 1st called james and staff i thank you all special james who was never tierd of my phone calls .very helpful and kind. This made lot of changes in my life peronal and family wise. Thank you james speak to soon.

Mohamadou Sankanu

A big thank you to James for helping me to get my indefinite Leave to remain within 10weeks. James is a very kind man he can go to any length to make sure that is cleints are happy. I will recommend you anywhere any day thanks alot.

Rita Edo-jegede

This guy is dam good (james) Also compare to other firms cheap too Also during application very help ful and very supportive Use this guy services he is good

Aurangzeb akhtar

Sorry that I have taken so long to leave a review, but life has been crazy since James helped us with our spouse visa to get my partner back in the country. We went to James about applying for a spouse visa, my partner is from the Gambia, and James told us straight away what we need to and what documents we need and directed us to all the right people to get things done. Honestly, the whole thing went quite smooth and we waited for 3 months and my partner was back with me. James told me that we had a chance and that my partner had to go back to Gambia but he would not send him back if there was no chance. I would definitely recommend James, and we will be using him again when we have to renew our visa. Thank you.

Jocelyn Shiu

I have stayed in this country for over 9 years just fighting with hopeless lawyers. Throughout this period I was unable to work and study and was unable to carry out some voluntary roles in the community. It was a very dark time filled with uncertainty. I have made it this far because of Good people who kept helping me. When my family met James and his wife we could feel something good is about to happen. Usually I would apply and be denied and appeal decisions and still lose the case. WITH JAMES WE WON OUR CASE FIRST TIME. WITHIN A SHORT PERIOD I RECEIVED HIS CALL SAYING MY VISA WAS GRANTED!!!! BEST WAY TO START THE YEAR. I can finally study and work all thanks to the blessing of God through James. James is certainly used by God and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND 1st Call Immigration you won’t waste your time. You will not waste your money making multiple unsuccessful applications. He will not let you apply until you have prepared the strongest case. He guides you on what you need to have so you'll have nothing to worry about. Thank you so very much James may your work be blessed


james was first class and helped my wife and i out no end . i would recommend him without reservation , i would also like to add that his prices are extremely favourable compared to other so called experts who seem determined to extract as much cash as possible out of you without even talking to you first. in my opinion james was streets ahead in this aspect and a top bloke all the way round .

tony murray

James service is excellent. I couldn't ask for a better service. James handled my case right from beginning and he has been very professional, detailed, trustworthy and very accommodating. I will surely recommend 1st Call to anyone


James is a highly experienced immigration cosultant. He made my spouse visa a success after 10 years of marriage .

Ayeni Abudu

I was referred to James by a friend to apply for British Citizenship and I can say I have never looked back. James was available to all my questions and queries and incredibly within two months I am finally on track with my life. The stress, worry and concern a thing of the passed. A professional service which I can highly recommend. Thank you James.

R Anderson

I was referred to James by a friend to apply for British Citizenship and I can say I have never looked back. James was available to all my questions and queries and incredibly within two months I am finally on track with my life. The stress, worry and concern a thing of the passed. A professional service which I can highly recommend. I have tried for years and spent so much money until James came along and for a fraction of what money I had lost, my battle was over. I wish I had met James all those years ago when I started this. Now, I can book a ticket to visit my family back home. Thank you James.

R Anderson

As always fantastic service, not enough words to say , it is as simple as ( james knows his work to the letter ) . Highly recommend and you will be in safe hands with him Once again thanks to james and his team

Hossam Osman

James at 1st Call was an absolutely tremendous help for my family. He is honest and straight to the point and wont suggest actions that just wont work. For us, he gave us some great advice and even managed to save us a lot of money by having our current visa application reviewed rather than reapplying. The service we got was genuinely fantastic and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of immigration advice or assistance


1st call Immigration Services stand beside me tick and tin with my Immigration issue and am very grateful for this, they are always ready for all type of Immigration problems The manager James is a man of wisdom passion and understanding he was there with me during my dark days and i promise he handle all type of cases professionally and confidence God Bless Him.

Providence Mbye



I was referred to James by a number of people who used his services before nad were so happy with the service and the outcome. I needed to bring my wife from abroad and I needed a reliable , professional, experienced, friendly and trustworthy solicitor. Without doubt James was the one to meet my needs and to bring me the outcome I wanted. He was very supportive answered all my queries and paid too much attention to details to leave no room for error. It was an amazing journey with James which ended with success and my wife was granted the visa. I would like to thank James and I would highly recommend him. You will not regret using James at all.


I want to use this medium to say a big thank you to James and the crew for a job well done on my resident permit. It was fast and direct. You were highly recommended and you did not disappoint. Thank you

Alfred Savage

I have used their services twice and each time they have just been unbelievably excellent. They know their stuff. Work environment is very friendly. Would recommend them to anyone.

Pauline Mafohla - Gono

Thank you to James for amazing service and helpfulness. He provided excellent and professional service and very fast respond through my questions. I would highly recommend to everyone who need help with immigration process. Petr V.

Petr Vlcek

A friend of mine recommended James to me and I contacted him about my British citizenship application. Very professional in what he does, always there to answer my questions and address my concerns and in less than 2 months, my application was granted so am now a British thanks to an outstanding work done by James .


Been using 1st call for last 10 years for myself and my whole family. Excellent services always !


Words can’t recommend enough the professionalism and knowledge of James,in the matter of immigration satus,I’ve been struggling for few years with my status,and in 2012 somebody advise to go see a guy called James,the day I met him was the day my problems started to become solutions all because of his professionalism ,I can’t recommend him and his services enough,he is the best in solving your immigration issues,for that i want to thank him from my heart,Thank you ,James

H Salih

Excellent service who takes care of his clients

Alasana Dibba

It was my second time when I asked James to sort out my case and as before I wasn't dissapointed. He is responsible and reliable person who can clearly explain the situation and do the best job to help you with immigration matters. Thank you James and team. I definatelly will be in touch in the future.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I WILL RECOMMEND YOU ANYTIME OR DAY. SIMPLY THE BEST.Ooo my, God bless you James. It has been a rollercoaster of a journey for the past years trying to sort out our immigration status, Alot of money spent with other solicitors, but then a friend recommended James, and that was the best decision we made listening to him. James will honestly tell you when a case will not be successful to save you money and the mental stress.Thank you James, for you are not out just for the money, but you are passionate about your job, a goal getter and high affinity for WINNING. Your price is Affordable, i mean you are the most affordable out of all the solicitors we used in the past. I mean did i mention the VICTORY DANCE your wife danced when i came for our documents and the joy and excitement on your face it was priceless. You both are Amazing. Keep up with the Amazing work❤❤❤❤

Audi G.B

James and the 1st Call immigration team have represented me for the past 5 years. They are a friendly team and well run. Very considerate to all their clients. James always goes the extra mile to make sure all his clients have the positive outcome from their immigration applications. I remember being stuck in Gambia after loosing my documents James and team did all the work to help me get back to the UK. Me and my family are grateful for his help. Would recommend them to anyone with immigration issues because they’re the best.


James and his team did a fantastic job in overturning my entry clearance visa application after two refusal. Before the appeal i did not believe it could be won. James and his team made the impossible to be possible. James was very focussed, dedicated and his advice was very great all through the process. i always find it easy to get in touch with him all through the preparation of the case. I will always recommend 1st call immigration to anyone.


Every time I used 1st Call I get positive results . James is just fantastic, very passionate about his work and keep you updated through out the process . He’s simply the best !

Amie D

With James everything is possible. i had a case which have been on my neck for over fours , three lawyers tried to resolve it but nothing happened. i later found out those lawyers were busy telling me what i want to hear and collecting money from me but not actually giving me the right advice i need to go forward. A friend adviced me to call JAMES and i made the call. I came from london and we went through my file and he told me exactly what was happening and we decided to make a fresh application. James is a very honest man and straight to the point. Without James i would have been deported. The case was resolved faster and cheaper than i thought. All thanks to JAMES everything worked out and i now have my life back. Thank you JAMES GOD BLESS YOU.

Gideon iwoi

My accolades to the exceptional 1stcall & entire team after having my ten times rejected applications WON through an appeal on EEA family member. James took it upon himself with all commitments, passion and dedication with the handling of this case and finally brought a smile, Joy on my face. A big thank you.


Name is 1st call and they also doing Fastest service! Excellent service who takes care of his clients. Thanks to James and his team specially Joel who done ✅ great job!!!!


We were recommended 1stCallUK by a friend of ours, James and his team did a fantastic job in getting Biometric Residence Permit for my wife. They always advised us at each stage what was happening during this process. We would highly recommend James and his team at 1stCallUK for their excellent service. Again, Thank-you for everything, and speak to you soon. (in 2 1/2 years time).

Shaun & Nataliia Ash

At 1st Call they always say leave the worrying to them and they'll take care of everything. They are very good at what they do and that's why we are always successful.

Dawson V

Best immigration services I've ever used. The staff went above and beyond to ensure my case was successful. Everyone at 1st call is very passionate about the work they do and they were all amazing in terms of communicating with me to keep me updated about my case.


Wonderful Service team, positive advice and support. Good results. I recommended you and will continue to do so.

S Bah

Fantastic services and a brilliant team, trustworthy and honest. Can recommend any time.

Gloria CC

Fantastic Job 1stCall . Thank you for working on my Visas. You kept me updated throughout . Special Mention goes to Joel who was always there to respond to my concerns even after in hrs .


1stcall immigration service is FIRST CLASS!! , I use 1stcall immigration for the first time and was never disappointed James is a good listener always willing to help in any way he can with whatever the situation is and how impossible it may be . My situation seen so impossible but when I spoke to James he said girl I have seen worse it did put my mind at ease he’s dedicated And focus and the advice given to me was the best I am so grateful to god that he’s has given James the understanding and and wisdom that he has he’s the best out there the prices are affordable I would highly recommend 1stcall call to anyone who has an immigration issue excellent service very nice people and am happy I choose them and definitely will be using them again THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR SERVICE am very grateful Your the best, nuff love

N Clarke

James and the team are highly professional and do a fantastic job in dealing with your legal matters and visa application. I am very grateful for the team and all they have done to help us over for the past 5 years. Thank you so much to James and his team as they have truly helped our family to stay together.

Heba Rashed

James and his team were very helpful and I truly appreciate everything they did to help me get my Visa and biometric residence permit.


All my questions were answered promptly and clearly even after working hours. James is honest, very helpful and knowledgeable and always goes straight to the point and you can see and feel that he is trying his best to solve the problem and help you. Please accept my gratitude. I recommend this service to everyone.


Always a pleasure working with James. Our applications have been successful. Thank you for looking after us.

Marc Korn

James and Joel went above and beyond to help with a difficult application. They are professional, reliable and dogged and will refuse to take no for an answer. Helping folks with a clear right to immigrate navigate through the foot-dragging bureaucracy of the Home Office is not merely their chosen profession but their passion. I would recommend them to anyone, you will not find anyone who cares more.

P Godfrey

I cant thank James enough for what he did for us. We started the process with James as he is not like any other lawyer , he is s actually more like a really good friend willing to help . He made it clear and concise the steps of the process and ensured we had all the documentation needed . My wife has obtained status now and i don't think i would ever use another . Highly recommend James and his team for your immigration needs . 5 star plus !!

lee wells

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